About Us

The Evelve Project works tirelessly to ensure that wild & marine life do not become extinct. We want to provide a better future for both our grandchildren, and for all animals! 🌍

We're a tight-nit group who are passionate about all things nature. And we find so much joy in what we do! If you are interested in helping out too, send us a quick message at

The Evelve Project is still very young. That being said, we have donated over $16,000 towards animal protection causes since early Jan 2018. And we hope to reach our goal of 100,000 before the year is over. This can only be achieved with your help!

By purchasing any item from our website, you are donating 20% towards the cause of your choice. From the smallest animals 🐝 to the largest 🐘  - we need to save them all.

"Let's evolve away from evil" - Evelve