I Became Friends With My Mother-In-Law Because Of An Elephant

šŸ“ Fan Submission: " So yesterday, I was helping my mother-in-law do the dishes.Ā 
And if you're anything like me, small-talk with the in-laws makes you want to gouge your eyeballs out with a spoon.
But this time was different.
Something on her sink was quite unusualĀ and had caught my (non-gouged-out) eye.
Looking closer, it appeared to be draining her cutlery.
But this wasn't any old boring white plastic rack. No... it was quite the opposite actually!
TheĀ drainers were brightĀ colors and in the shape of elephants!Ā šŸ¤Æ šŸ¤Æ šŸ¤Æ
Their long, hollow, trunks aimedĀ for the sink like a dog at a fire hydrant (and got rid of excess water).
MeĀ being obsessed with all things elephant, I, of course, had to point it out immediately.
Her tone of voice changed up a pitch as she said:
"Oh yeah I got this from a company who's selling it to raise money for elephant charities. Isn't it the cutest?!!!"
I knew I had to get one before she even opened her mouth.
- But yup. Now I was double sold.Ā 
So I did what anyone wouldĀ - snuck off to the bathroom to do a little shopping. Whipping out my phone, I bought it in an instant from
He now sits on my sink and not only strikes up conversation, but acts as a reminder of my love for elephants.Ā  It's so great knowing that I've helped make a small impact!
(They donate 20%)
Proudest impulse buy (so far) this year.
The BEST thing though is that he's perfect for other uses too!
My kids wouldn't leaveĀ mine alone šŸ™„ so I went back and bought some more from the same place. There's now a whole colorful herd to storeĀ our bamboo toothbrushes in!
Funnily enough, theĀ little ones actually WANT to go brush their teeth now. Never thought I'd see the day that happened...Ā šŸ„‚
I also have one on the laundry sink holding sponges.
You could say I'm obsessed.
But I just really care about elephants. AndĀ I'm trying to pass that on to my family too.
It's also nice to finally share something in common with my mother in law. (Even if I did one-up her by turning our home into an elephant-drainer sanctuary). "

Want to order your own?

- A big thank you to our ambassador Jessica G. for submitting this post to us!

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  • Kate Pernance

    LOVE the humor in this post šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ Iā€™ll check out the link soon and get me some of those beautiful elephants. They really are my favorite animal too and need to be saved. God bless this company

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