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I Became Friends With My Mother-In-Law Because Of An Elephant

📝 Fan Submission: " So yesterday, I was helping my mother-in-law do the dishes.  And if you're anything like me, small-talk with the in-laws makes you want to gouge your eyeballs out with a spoon. But this time was different. Something on her sink was quite unusual and had caught my (non-gouged-out) eye. Looking closer, it appeared to be draining her cutlery. But this wasn't any old boring white plastic rack. No... it was quite the opposite actually! The drainers were bright colors and in the shape of elephants! 🤯 🤯 🤯 Their long, hollow, trunks aimed for the sink like a dog at a fire hydrant (and got rid of excess water). Me being obsessed with all things elephant, I, of course, had to point...

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Best Decoration For Elephant Lovers

You're an elephant lover, right? 🐘     The good news: We've (hilariously) made your favorite animal's cuteness into a pillow cover!   The bad: Elephants are actually dying at an alarming rate. Over 30,000 every single year.   That's why we're trying to raise funds through the sale of this Pillow cover.   With 20% donated to related charities, you can help save this beautiful species!   It's the perfect companion to an Elephant obsessed home.   His cute face noodle is bound to add a little personality to your decor!   Guests will find it adorable.   And you know what? You can use it to start a conversation about their rapid decline.   The more people this movement can reach, the...

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Why Ditching Plastic Ziploc Bags Should Be Your New Year Resolution

It's really bad to use normal ziploc bags. Do you know why? • Plastic is toxic & can leach into your food. Traditional plastic bags and containers are petroleum based and can contain harmful chemicals. When heating or microwaving, these toxins are known to leach into your food! That's why alternatives such as our pure silicone baggies are the best choice for your health. • They are not reusable in the long term. Constantly throwing them away pollutes the environment and overflows landfills. The average American uses 500 Ziploc bags every year. This seems insane, since ziploc baggies are created to hold something for a moment of time. But after the stored item is removed, the bag is often immediately discarded in the...

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